Thousands of couples around the world have trusted us with their most important moments. With the largest selection of diamonds and meticulously designed, handcrafted rings, were here to help you find your way to the perfect ring.


For most people, buying a diamond is a new experience, but that doesn't mean it should be overwhelming. Understanding a diamond's quality characteristics is straightforward and simple.

Our diamond education is designed to answer all your questions. In just a few minutes you'll know everything you need to know to find your perfect diamond.


Our jewellery is crafted with only the finest materials, ensuring you a lifetime of value. Learn more about the variety of metals we offer to find the one that is right for you.


it is our mission to take the mystery out of your purchase by offering only the finest quality fine jewellery available, along with expert guidance and education. Our jewellery is crafted with superior materials and inspected against exceptional quality standards.


Use this guide to find the pearl that is right for you by educating yourself on the quality and value of the cultured pearls that we offer.


Gemstones and rare minerals can evoke strong emotions and spur intrigue. While most loose gemstones and minerals are purchased for ornamental jewellery purposes, others are possessed for their fascinating attributes. Natural gemstones and minerals add sparkle to our lives and invigorate our soul with the earth's natural beauty.

Engagement ring guide

Thousands of couples have trusted us with their most important moments. With the largest selection of diamonds and meticulously designed handcrafted rings, we're here to help you find the way to your perfect engagement ring.

Engagement Ring is also called Proposal Ring in some places

Set Your Budget

For a purchase that will last a lifetime, there are important considerations to make. For the best value, choose a budget that's right for you and start with a ring style. Then devote the remainder to a beautiful, certified diamond.

choose your precious metal

Explore our metals guide to learn the benefits and features of different precious metals like platinum and gold. Then consider personal preferences to decide on the best metal for you and your budget.

choose your ring style

With careful observation, you can learn a lot about what kind of ring she wants. If she doesn't wear rings, and an engagement ring will be a big adjustment, she might love a Solitaire Engagement Ring. If she loves sparkle, start by browsing our Halo Engagement Rings. If she's a classic beauty who prefers clothes with a simple and clean design, view our Classic Engagement Rings.
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find the perfect diamond

We believe you should know what you're buying and always have the best value. From how-to guides to live experts to talk with, we'll share everything you want to know about your diamond so you're sure to make the right decision.

be unique

Choose a unique colored gemstone as the center of your ring to make a distinctive statement. Diamond rings were popularized in the 20th century, but other gemstones have been used for centuries. Selecting a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or other gemstone will showcase her colorful style.

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