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View our hand-picked collection of TOP 1% most shining and sparkling GIA certified Triple Excelent Cut Diamonds

Super Ideal Cut Diamonds are cut to extremely high precision and optimal angles that give superior light performance - resulting in dazzling flashes and vivid rainbow colours.

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Light Performance Report

To find truly super ideal cut diamonds we go past the traditional 4C grading standard and cooperate with the diamond grading experts at Sarine Technology - to provide light reports which are produced with cutting edge technology to give advanced insight into each diamond's unique characteristics.

Light Performance


Brilliance is a measure of the intense white light that radiates from the diamond.


Diamonds with high 'fire' produce fascinating vivid flares of rainbow colors.


Sparkle results in dramatic, luminous flashes that are ever changing in their beauty.


Super Ideal cut diamonds provide optimal proportions for equal light distribution.

Double Certificate

All Our Hand-Picked Diamonds Have Both GIA & Sarine Reports Avalaible

GIA Report

Sarine Light Report


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sarine, I have never heard about them. Is a Sarine light report is reliable?
Sarine is not a new name in the diamond industry. In fact, it's the dominant leader in the diamond technology industry with over 70% market share.

Founded by a group of passionate gemologists and technological innovators to establish the world's first diamond technology company around thirty years ago, Sarine has since revolutionised the way diamonds are planned, manufactured, graded, and sold. For over a generation, Sarine has developed and supplied breakthrough technologies covering the entire diamond pipeline. Sarine products are known and loved worldwide, used in leading diamond manufacturing plants, wholesaler offices, all main gem labs, and jewellery retail stores.
What is the difference between Super ideal cut and GIA cut grade 3 excellent?
Traditionally 3EX by GIA (Excellent in Cut, Symmetry, Polish) is the best cut standard, but as technology advances, a 3Ex cut grade by GIA today is considered very common (The statistics show 70% of all diamonds are graded as 3Ex cut by GIA).

In fact, many people know that not all triple Excellent GIA diamonds are the same in terms of their beauty. The diamonds we hand-picked for our showroom are within the top 1% to 2 % most beautiful diamonds of all the 3 EXs graded by GIA.

To learn more about "Triple excellent diamonds by GIA grade", please read the article below.
What's the HCA score for these stones?
We didn't refer to the HCA score when sourcing these top-tier diamonds, however, you can use the GIA report information for your own HCA research.

Sarine Reports uses a lab test approach to grade a diamond's light performance, which is more reliable than the HCA score tool.
Do you have ideal scope or asset scope for these diamonds?
We don't have the Ideal scope image and ASET scope image for these diamonds, but we do have the ASET and Ideal scope tools in our showroom.

You can use them yourself, if you are able to use them to differentiate between the top 1% and 10% of GIA's 3EX diamonds by the diamond's Fire, Sparkle, Brilliance and Light symmetry.
Are all these diamonds available to view?
Yes, as long as they are not yet sold.
How would you describe the beauty of these diamonds?
Statistically, the diamonds that we selected for display in our showroom are among the top 1% of GIA's triple excellent in terms of its beauty (Brilliance and Sparkle).

By the naked eye, you can easily tell that these diamonds are much more sparkling and shine brighter than others.
Why are most of these diamonds I color or J color?
We noticed most of our customers have budget restrictions and have difficulties choosing a compromise between Diamond Size, Beauty, Color and Clarity etc.

For a high quaility diamond most people can't distinguish the color differences (D, E, F, G, H, I & J) of a diamond.

Visit our showroom to view the most beautiful diamonds and find out if our selection of I or J diamonds are a good compromise.